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Bitcoin operates on peer-to-peer technology without any central authority. All transactions and the issuing of bitcoins is managed jointly by the network. Bitcoins are divided to eight decimal places, comprising 100 million smaller units termed satoshis. Bitcoins are transferred via a computer or a smartphone without a middleman or a particular financial institution.

The handling of Bitcoins is secured by servers referred to as Bitcoin miners. The servers converse over a web-based system and authorize transactions by adding them to a register which is updated and archived intermittently using peer-to-peer file-sharing tools. Bitcoins are an experimental digital currency, but also treated as an attractive investment opportunity. Usually Bitcoins are traded against the US dollar.

Bitcoins can be exchanged on a number of exchanges, and even be transferred across the web from one user to another with sophisticated software. This makes Bitcoin a tremendously lucrative currency for international transactions, without having to deal with ridiculously high bank charges or  constantly fluctuating exchange rates. Many internet services can be used with Bitcoin. In the table above we have listed five brokers that offer Bitcoin trading.